jazyková škola your sCOOL
Námestie Jozefa Herdu 1, Trnava
tel.č.: +421 908 810 174
mail: info@yourscool.sk

you are you are you

any a an

sons daughters children

hospital hotel supermarket

Her His He's

They are There is There are

for at in

don't like like do like

do you you do you

this these that

at on in

plays play playing

on with by

so but because

in at to

went did go was

film restaurant book

see look watch

When Where What

Did Were Had

Maria Marias' Maria's

us we our

Do Are Would

Could I Could you Do I

money rent cost

come get arrive

any many much

OK great right

some any a

It's Here's There's

cook am cooking cooking

as like than

will do are

Let's Do you Shall they

a the some

should did had

Have you Are you Did you

enough lot too much

finishes is going to finish finished

very really much

is yes so right

have had hadn't had didn't have

to with on by

have seen saw see was seeing

borrow earn spend lend

haven't mustn't needn't don't have

do practise make exercise

Do you go Have you been Are you going Will you go

should can will shall

like so than as

will be was is would be

is are was were

it doesn't matter I do apologise sorry to hear that not bad, thanks.

has gone had been has been had gone

Next All the Every Any

would did have used

paint to paint painting painted

many any every all

unless until if since

lived would live had lived live

stood was standing have stood am standing

will may can must

already yet just only

give am giving 'll give 'm going to give

take taking having taken to take

put live set take

might not mustn't won't can't

is was has been is being

am will be would be was

to take take took taking

it that what where

is only has only been was only had only been

what if that how

on with up to

must have would have should have may have

for to with about

alike same like equal

gone taken done come

made did put took

remembers realises recognises reminds

am supposed am requested am intended am obliged

hope way time opportunity

had decided decided have decided was deciding

hasn't been wasn't wouldn't be can't be

raised lifted increased built

accused suspended arrested suspected

unless in case as long as although

must have can't have should have won't have

down off over away

were still would still be are still will still be

to learn learn having learned learning

In case Even if Provided that However much

going to go that they go to have gone

remembered happened appeared occurred

take set put bring

big high large good

speak have spoken be speaking have been speaking

eat eating was eating having eaten

considerably thoroughly seriously strongly

very completely fairly absolutely

wide broad large open

to for with in

interest confidence defence discipline

deeply entirely clearly strongly

over up out round

need help want demand

have were being have been are being

far huge big great

contained incorporated involved consisted

buried stuck blocked surrounded

taken made had attended

with to about on

however wherever whatever whenever

totally deeply strongly highly

point wonder secret problem

driving drive having driven drove

fit suit match go

it rains does it rain is it raining it is raining

in contrast to as opposed to rather than in comparison to

has declined has been declining has been declined is declining



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